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Investing in real estate is a financial goal that we can all achieve. It is possible, regardless of whether you are an experienced homeowner or a novice investor.

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We want to help you make the best real estate decisions so you can generate the results you want and create financial freedom.


Padron Team Homes offers you the best advice when it comes to investing in this country. We have extensive experience in the area of finance and real estate, to offer you the best information according to the needs of your investment.

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We want you to achieve safe profits, to have confidence in the current market, to obtain liquidity of capital and to have a clear understanding of how your investment is going to give the results you expect.


We have for you all the information you need in the legal area, registration, financing, insurance and inspections, so that you achieve your objectives and your investment is successful.


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Flipping or Business Flipping consists of buying a property at a certain price, to later remodel it and sell it quickly at a higher price, thus obtaining a profit.

Passive investments are based on properties that require very little interaction from the owner. They are aimed at offering a good revaluation, mainly with a small excess monthly rent remaining after covering all expenses. Annually you can enjoy a revaluation of more than 5% per year on the full capital. 

In recent years, Canada has been among the top five countries with the best quality of life and economic development in the world, this is due to the correct management of finances and economic policies, aimed at the social welfare of all.

Rent to Own, or rent with option to purchase, is a tool that you can use to become the owner of your home in a very short time. This tool is an agreement whereby an investor rents a house to a tenant and gives them the option to purchase the property after a certain period of time at a predetermined price.

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